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I solved it myself. I'm very sorry for asking such a strange question. This STG is really fun! Great game, thank you.

I'm sorry, I want to play this game with an arcade stick, but how can I do that?

The stick is called "QANBA EVO Drone", which is compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC.。

Hello! Very great shoot'em up! I enjoyed it a lot.

Super awesome vid! Huge thanks! :)

Thanks to you for making this! Regards! 

That's strange. I said this, because I download the game and played it, but there something wrong download of the game. When the download it's just so closed to the 100%, 1t stops and suddenly, after a few seconds, I get network failure. Can you fix this problem, please? Greetings from Cambados, Galicia.



Are you having problems with downloading the game?

Or does it crash when you run it?



Dear Draconian Gamertist,

i cant figure out from this post of what kind of game you are speaking about, let me know thank you!

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this is totes my favourite game of yours. reminds me batsugun somehow.

Thanks! I think it's my fav as well. :)