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Very cool arcade shooter! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:16:15. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

No longer on the play store? any other way to play the android version?

Install the apk file

Good game.

Oh yeah! Thank you for making that game :D

Toaplan forver!! Love this! Also, love the call in the squad power up. Just like good ol' Twin Hawk. 

I couldn't get any of my controllers to work. It would wonderful if you could get controllers to work. 

Very nice game. Takes me back to the old days when games used to be fun.

please be cool marking this game as GNU/Linux compatible as well! ;) 

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Very good Game and works on Linux.

Linux user check you have a Java runtime installed and from a terminal:

java -jar './TwinTigerShark.jar'

Or make a bin/bash file something like this:

exec /usr/bin/java -jar './TwinTigerShark.jar' "$@"

Very good, but no joystick control?


I really really loved this game. It was well designed and i loved the music in it. Would love to see this ported to Steam in the future as well because I would get it there as well. Nicely done. I also did gameplay footage of this for my Indie Game Showcase and am adding the gameplay highlight here.


Wow such a great style! Thank you for making this game!

Back to old days...

Thanks! :)


hello Wide Pixel Games I covered Twin Tiger Shark on my channel. I made a quick video for Youtube to show off some gameplay. I do hope you will enjoy. I enjoyed playing it. Hope to see it go live here on Itch or steam.

Great work on this! Are you still developing it?