A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An isolated S.E.E.D. bio-weapon research facility located on a small island has ceased all communications following a brief distress signal. Something has gone horribly wrong and S.E.E.D. Command fears the worst.

As a former S.E.E.D. scientist you have been recalled into active duty and sent to the island to deal with the problem.

* Unique Flower Planting Weapon System!

* 8-Directional Platforming!

* Epic Boss Fights!

* Multiple Endings!

* No Continues!

This game requires that JAVA is installed.

Install instructions

This game requires that JAVA is installed.

Unzip the contents of the ZIP file and run any of the provided BAT files (Windows) or just double click the JAR file (Mac) to run.


PRO_SEED_140801-1.zip 49 MB

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